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Q. What is a Tree Preservation Order (TPO)?
It’s a written order by a local Planning Authority which, in general makes it an offence to “cut down, lop, uproot or willfully damage” a tree protected by the TPO without the Local Authority’s permission.

Q. How do we know if there’s a TPO on our trees?
It’s really easy, you contact the local Planning Authority – or we can do this on your behalf.

Q. If there is a TPO, can you still do the work we want?
You can make a Tree Work Application – or we can do this for you, at no extra cost – they will need quite a lot of detail about the works to be carried out, and a supporting case as to why.

Q. Do you carry out a nesting survey before undertaking any work?
Yes . We will do a full wildlife survey, according to guidelines from the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and Countryside Rights of Way Act 2000.

Q. Will you give us a free quotation?
Yes.  We want you to know exactly what needs to be done, and will give you a fixed price for the job.

Q. Do you protect my property while you work?
Yes. We work professionally and safely. We use boards to protect your lawn and lighting. We also use rigging and lowering equipment to ensure cut timber is controlled, and brought down safely.

Q. Do you leave my garden/property clean and tidy?
Yes.  We don’t consider the job complete until it’s clean and tidy and you’re happy.

Q. We are surrounded by trees, and in shade – we want more light. Can you help?
Yes. We will discuss options with you. Often, by removing dead wood, reducing the crown, or thinning, it will allow much more light through – and it’s good for the tree.

Q. We have a huge tree which is blocking our view. Can you help?
Yes. We will discuss options with you. Reducing or lifting the crown can be very effective in achieving this.

Q. Will you take on the whole process for us, including the applications?
Yes. We’re used to dealing with TPOs and applications, so let us take care of it.

Q. Are all your staff fully trained and experienced?
Yes. We take your safety, as well as ours, very seriously. We are continually updating our skills and knowledge.